You’re here. I’ll be glad to help.

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Hi! I’m Abby and I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Looks like you’re looking for a therapist. It’s actually very wise to know when you might need some help along the way. Go on, read a bit about me. Let me know if I can be that person for you.

Where I’ve been

I grew up in a small wheat farming community on the eastern side of WA. Let me tell ya, that environment sure had its perks and challenges. The majority of my time was spent playing one of three sports, with a good portion of the town looking in. While I appreciated the support and connection around me, it felt taboo to go against the grain. Since then I’ve come to appreciate our individual differences and the value in living our truth.

Graduating summa cum laude at Eastern Washington University with my B.A in Psychology and a M.S. in Clinical Psychology, I understand the pressures of academic performance. I then went on to counsel students on the college campus and worked with individuals in outpatient settings to help stabilize their lives.

Outside of work

When I’m not working, I prefer my music loud and live, everything from Bon Iver to Beyoncé. I love to travel and I make sure I get my workout in. I appreciate the artistry behind makeup techniques, and my favorite hour is happy hour. When I’m recharging on my couch, I like shoveling popcorn in my face with a good Netflix binge.

So, can I be that fellow human to come alongside you? Let me know if I can help!