Meet our Counselors

Hi! Welcome to People Bloom! Counselors are people too. We’re not perfect and we don’t pretend to have it all together. However, we’re fellow human beings who know a thing or two about improving mental health. We want to come alongside you to make your life better.

Can we be a good fit for what you’re going through?

People Bloom Counseling Redmond Kristin O'Hara EFCT Couples Midlife Crisis Transitions.png

Hi, I’m Kristin! I help couples find love and connection in their relationship. I also help people struggling with midlife transitions.

People Bloom Counseling Redmond Abby Erickson Anxiety Body Image Couples.png

Hi, I’m Abby! I help people get a hold of their anxiety. I also help women improve their body image.

People Bloom Counseling Bob Russell Teens Working Professionals Redmond I.png

Hi, I’m Bob! I help teens & their families get along better. I also help young professionals with the adulting process.

People Bloom Counseling Couples Cancer Depression Anxiety Redmond I.png

Hi, I’m Ada! I help couples feel close again. I also help cancer patients and their families develop a new normal.

AKaren Lenz People Bloom Counseling Redmond Office Whiz.png

Hi, I’m Karen! I’m the Office Whiz around here. I also enjoy blogging as a human navigating this world, a client sitting across from a therapist, much like you.