A lot of people struggle with an inner critic that holds them back from being the person they want to be. If you only have one shot in life, let's make it count!

If you’re tired of pretending that things are “fine” when they’re not, you're in the right place. Hi, we're Ada Pang, Bob Russell, Abby Erickson, and Kristin O’Hara, mental health professionals. 

At our Redmond therapy office, we want to help you:

*No actual yoga will be practiced in session.


Hi, I’m Kristin. My people are couples. I have morning and lunch time appointments. Call Karen to get on my schedule!

Abby Erickson Anxiety Social Anxiey Body Image Poor Self-Esteem People Bloom Counseling Redmond.jpg

Hi, I’m Abby. My people are those struggling with anxiety and poor body image. I have room on my caseload. I hope we get to work together!

People Bloom Counseling Bob Russell Teens Working Professionals Redmond I.png

Hi, I'm Bob. My people are teens and young professionals. I’ve finished treatment with some people and I’m accepting new clients. I look forward to meeting you!

People Bloom Counseling Couples Cancer Depression Anxiety Redmond.png

Hi, I'm Ada. My people are couples and those living with cancer. I’m not taking any new clients unless it’s related to cancer. We hope to find you other therapists who can help you!

Karen Lenz People Bloom Counseling Redmond Executive Assistant.png

Hi, I'm Karen, People Bloom's Office Whiz Extraordinaire! You can schedule your first appointment with me or direct general questions my way. I look forward to talking with you!

206.457.3518 ext. 1