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Welcome aboard. Where’d you like to go?

Hi! My name is Ada Pang. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I’ll be your guide on this journey!

I love to explore! Journeys can be thrilling, frightening, or tedious, but they always bring you someplace new. 

Where I’ve been

My own journey had me living in Hong Kong, Vancouver, B.C., Canada and now Seattle. In my family, I'm the younger of two with an administrator/educator mom, a self-taught hardware engineer dad and an artist/advocate sister. Let's just say it makes for interesting family dynamics.

Before founding People Bloom Counseling in late 2015, I worked and volunteered ten years in behavioral health, community and non-profit mental health settings. I was also diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer at the start of my private practice and have learned to appreciate life in a deeper way. 

Credential-wise, my natural knack for relating with people landed me with a B.A. from The University of British Columbia with a major in Family Studies and a minor in Psychology. I was then schooled at Seattle Pacific University where I got my M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a specialty certificate in Medical Family Therapy. Our physical health, and our mental and emotional states, are deeply connected. I believe it's possible to thrive in our whole being.

Why I love my craft

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You probably weren’t expecting me to say that I failed biology and barely passed economics in college, but did awesome in a family studies class! All that is true. I also fended off bullies in middle school and love hearing people share their stories. It continues to baffle me that brave souls like you would open up your lives to a complete stranger trained in this counseling profession. It is an honor for me to be that stranger, who, over time, will hopefully be less strange.

In my spare time

Counseling aside, my husband and I go on adventures around the great Northwest, whether on bike, stand-up paddle board, or road trip. I also like to try out new recipes, jump on my trampoline, and visit with people I love, including local artists. I've picked up a yoga practice in the last few years, and it remains difficult to get up from my mat after certain poses.

My office

Okay, so we’re not actually getting on a tour bus, but ever wonder what a counselor's office looks like before you step in? Let me give you a quick tour!