Underrepresented minority groups are encouraged to apply!

People Bloom, a growing psychotherapy practice in Redmond, is looking for TWO part-time or (grow into) full-time W-2 psychotherapists to join the tribe.

Current openings

Who we are

Originally founded as a solo practice in late 2015, I, Ada Pang went through the various stages of starting and growing this practice until I came up against my limitations: I wanted to serve the community and make a greater impact, but I couldn’t be all things to all people. As someone who loves the business, mentorship and supervision aspects of our profession, I began to consider what it would be like to grow beyond me. In the spring of 2018, my first clinician joined the practice and I’ve never looked back.

What we value

Invest in Relationships | Promote Diversity | Deliver Targeted Treatment | Stay Relevant | Balance Work and Self-Care

Invest in Relationships -

We invest in relationships with each other, our clients and our community. We know we do our best work when we see, support and challenge each other. We believe a strong therapeutic relationship with our clients provides a safe space for change. We think it’s important to support our community through outreach and education.

Promote diversity -

We value diversity in how we deliver services as well as the client populations we serve. We know that workplace diversity improves decision making. We believe no one model will work for all people. To meet the varying needs in our community, we want to attract clinicians from all walks of life, all backgrounds, with diverse clinical interests, and treatment modalities.

Provide targeted treatment -

We provide targeted treatment because we believe clients would want to graduate to less intense services or from treatment all together when their symptoms improve. We help them see their progress, plan for relapse and built support to maintain their gains. We meet clients where they’re at, while helping them see and live out the possibilities that they want for their lives and relationships.

Stay relevant -

We stay relevant by keeping up to date with the latest research in our specialty areas. We are learners at heart and believe we will never stop growing. We meet twice a month to conceptualize cases and teach on the last training we went to. We have a supportive CEU fund and we welcome opportunities to bring in trainers from the community.

Balance Work and Self-Care -

We balance work and self-care because we don’t believe we should have to choose between work and life. Work is a part of life, and we want to create an environment where we look forward to coming to work because we get to meet with the clients we’re most trained to serve. Our offices are comfortable with big windows, modern furniture, coffee and tea stations and plentiful snacks. We work in shifts so we have time to be with our families, walk our dog, go to the gym and engage in activities that make us whole.

A Caveat

While we get a lot of inquiries and we’re actively referring people out, we believe a good fit between our clinicians and the client is one of the keys to therapeutic success. When clients find you for you, the work feels different, and providing quality mental health care is what we’re about.

All that to say, if you’re looking for a group practice with referrals to fill up your caseload quickly, People Bloom is not that place for you. We’re still a startup with very intentional and individualized plans to build up the caseload of each clinician and their specialties. These marketing efforts are collaborative and will require your time and patience. We’re looking for a clinician who’d be willing to step into that.

Perhaps you’re hoping to leave community mental health and do something different. Or, maybe you want the flexibility of private practice without the worries of running a business. Whatever the case, there’s a lot to learn at People Bloom. We hope to have you join our tribe!