This meetup is on hold until the summer. Please check back before school gets out.

Emotional and Social Skills Summer Meetup for Teens

Is your teen struggling with social skills, self-confidence and mood swings?

Congrats! You have a normal teen! Adolescence is a tough time for most kids. Your teen is exploring his identity while his emotions can sometimes feel out of control. However, knowing that these struggles are normal doesn’t make them any easier. After all, navigating schoolwork, friendships, family, and extracurricular activities can be full of embarrassing, confusing and infuriating moments. Your teen is changing in ways he can’t control, and as the parent, you are often left feeling powerless as to how to help.

Why the summer?

We know summer is a busy time for families with travels, vacations, camps most days of the week or just lounging around. The thing is, your teen is going to go back to school in the fall. What better time to use the summer to equip them with tools they need to manage the stress of academics, strong emotions, and social pressure?! You are investing in their physical, intellectual and social well-being with other camps they're participating in. This summer, give them tools to flex their emotional and social muscles in a structured yet fun setting as well!

Let us take care of your teen!

People Bloom Counseling is offering a summer meetup for teens ages 13-16. This closed group is led by Bob Russell, our teens specialist. He will teach skills and lead this process group covering topics such as:

  • What is identity?

  • How do I regulate strong emotions?

  • How do I develop goals, objectives, plans and keep them?

  • Why is it important to have good communication and how do I go about it?

  • What are non-verbal cues and why are they important?

  • What are good ways to deal with awkward social moments?

  • How do I deal with stress?

  • What are some skills to manage anxiety?

Okay, that sounds good. Tell me more.

We want to provide a safe and supportive environment for teens to share their rollercoaster stories of adolescence. Hence, we've set the following parameters to make sure your teen is suitable for this meetup:

  • 8 weeks

  • 1.5 hours each group

  • Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm

  • closed group after week 2

  • group size is limited to 6 teens

  • costs will be $40/session. We can also bill Premera, LifeWise, First Choice and Kaiser insurances directly

  • open only to current clients of People Bloom

Who's Bob?

People Bloom Counseling Bob Russell Teens Working Professionals Redmond I.png

Bob Russell is the newest addition to the tribe at People Bloom. He's a teens specialist. He loves working with teens and families. With over 40 years of experience, he has worked with this population over and over again in in-patient psychiatric hospitals, out-patient treatment, in-home treatment, group homes and foster homes, social services agency, probation and now group practice. His approach is skills-driven, solution-focused, and future-oriented while staying in tune with people's unique needs and quirks. He is most interested in clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, autism spectrum, parenting challenges, and drug and alcohol use.

How do I sign up?

Accommodating a full summer schedule and parents' after work hours, this group will run from 6-7:30pm on Tuesdays. Start date will be determined when enough members have signed up. If your teen is an existing client, talk to their therapist about applying for a space in the group. If you need to enroll your teen as a new client, please call 206.457.3518 ext. 1 to sign up for counseling services with Bob. This way he can get to know your teen before the group and find ways to use individual counseling to supplement group materials.

Want tools to help your teen relate well with others, gain confidence and improve mood?