Counseling to Improve Self-Esteem & Body Image

Hi, I’m Abby. I have a vested interest in helping women improve their self-worth and body image. As someone who follows the latest news on fashion and make-up, I’m very aware of society’s message to us: we’re never good enough. Buy this lotion, style your hair this way, get these skinny jeans. No, just kidding, straight-legs are back in. Do these things and you’re in, but to what end?!

When will you be enough?!

What if you can live life more confidently because you cared less about what people thought of you and more about what mattered most to you? What if you can learn to quiet that mean voice in your head that tells you you aren’t enough, would you want that?

I can help you love and accept yourself, for who you are.

After work & weekend appointments available

I’m guessing you likely have a very busy schedule during the day. I offer afternoon and evening appointments. Rather than spending your time doing grocery runs, laundry, and catching up with your TV episodes, c’mon in and give yourself a little self-care. Why can’t therapy be like a good workout: hard work but satisfying?

Here are my hours:

Mondays - 2:30 to 9pm
Tuesdays - 2:30 to 9pm
Wednesdays - 2:30 to 9pm
Thursdays - 2:30 to 9pm

What’s it like in the therapy room

My office is spacious with big windows and a comfortable couch. You can put your feet up and spill your beans. You’ll find me listening, sometimes getting into a teaching mode and then stepping back to see if we’re still on the same page. You can always ask me to slow down and interrupt me if you think I’m speaking French.

Ultimately, I want to help you meet your goals.